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The Network
  • Time goes fast and I want to pause for the moment.

    I have been installing and implementing a new version of the community where I usually put my things related to the Internet. What you will not find in this edition are the live video service and the multiplayer games hosted at Influxis, as well as the Internet radio DJ from Spacial.

    The other important thing is that you will not see Flash anymore. In an attempt to adapt to the mobile world, I will use canvas with JavaScript for games and other things, like the list of background music that I hope you like.

    About language, there are many tools on the web so this should not be a problem if the translation is missing somewhere.

    The next step will be to find good code to play with the transparency and obtain a dark design. It could be applied as an alternative to choose for the user. We will see.

    Below you will find the links to the main sections of this grain of sand that I call "The Network". This is a developing site and your comment or message is always welcome.

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