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    Animal day

    World Animal Day is celebrated each year on October the 4th. It started in Florence, Italy in 1931 at a convention of ecologists. ... The 4th of October was originally chosen for World Animal Day because it is the feast day of Francis of Assisi, a nature lover and patron saint of animals and the environment.
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    Teacher´s day

    World Teachers' Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is held annually on October 5. Established in 1994, it commemorates the signing of the 1966 UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers, which is a standard-setting instrument that addresses the status and situations of teachers around the world. This recommendation outlines standards relating to education personnel policy, recruitment, and initial training as well as the continuing education of teachers, their employment, and working conditions. World Teachers' Day aims to focus on "appreciating, assessing and improving the educators of the world" and to provide an opportunity to consider issues related to teachers and teaching.
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    Pure Water Day

    World Water Day is an annual UN observance day (always on 22 March) that highlights the importance of freshwater.[1] The day is used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.[1] World Water Day is celebrated around the world with a variety of events. These can be educational, theatrical, musical or lobbying in nature. The day can also include campaigns to raise money for water projects. The first World Water Day, designated by the United Nations, was in 1993.[2] Each year many countries celebrate World Water Day.
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    Environment day

    World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on the 5th of June every year, and is the United Nation's principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. First held in 1974, it has been a flagship campaign for raising awareness on emerging environmental issues from marine pollution, human overpopulation, and global warming, to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. WED has grown to become a global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually. Each year, WED has a new theme that major corporations, NGOs, communities, governments and celebrities worldwide adopt to advocate environmental causes.
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    Sport´s day

    April 6 is the United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, which recognizes the power of sport in promoting peace and erasing cultural barriers worldwide.
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    Art day

    World Art Day (Rittik Day) is an international celebration of the fine arts which was declared by the International Association of Art (IAA) in order to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide.
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    Food day

    World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on 16 October in honor of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The day is celebrated widely by many other organizations concerned with food security, including the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.
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    Democracy day

    In 2007 the United Nations General Assembly resolved to observe 15 September as the International Day of Democracy with the purpose of promoting and upholding the principles of democracy and invited all member states and organizations to commemorate the day in an appropriate manner that contributes to raising public awareness.
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  17. A small exhibition, oil paintings with experimental technique.

    © Julio Moraga

  18. Hoy decidí escribir un par de artículos antes de terminar el año. Quedan unas cuantas horas y aun estoy en la tercera historia, no he comenzado con la cena y mi perro debe estar pensando que es hora de ir a dar una vuelta. Lo más sensato será referirme al Ipad pro 12.9 que mi hijo me presto para que probara dibujar con ella. Lo positivo es que al ser portátil se puede usar en cualquier lugar donde uno se sienta inspirado para esbozar algo. Ya no es necesario estar sentado frente al computador y eso es muy importante a la hora de crear ya que como sabes, las ideas llegan cuando llegan por lo que la portabilidad es un gran punto a favor. Lo negativo es que se siente un poco incómodo tenerlo sujeto ya que la textura metálica es escurridiza. Lo ideal es poderlo asir sin necesidad de presionarlo tanto especialmente por el lado de la pantalla. Se siente como que hay que tener demasiado cuidado a la hora de cambiar el ángulo así como uno suele hacer con un cuaderno de dibujo. Sería muy práctico utilizar una carcasa de silicona de un par de milímetros de grosor para sostenerlo mejor a la vez que serviría de protección. También allanaría la superficie donde se encuentra la cámara ya que sobresale notablemente. En cuanto a la aplicación para dibujar, esta es bastante intuitiva. Hay muchas posibilidades de configuracón que facilitan trabajar en cualquier proyecto. A medida que probaba el lápiz, que viene incluido, comencé a pensar en todo lo que llegué a dibujar alguna vez cuando joven. Estuve tratando de encontrar los ajustes para simular los lápices que solía ocupar y el resultado es bastante convincente. El mejor de todos. Valdrá la pena invertir un poco de tiempo y retomar viejas ideas que creo aún no se han visto.
  19. Ordering old documents I found a series of drawings of when I was young. I remember that I drew a lot although I did not always have a reason.
  20. In these sketches I was thinking of propulsion and also in an accident. The survivors had then to begin the exploration(below in the image)
  21. In the decade of the 90's I spent several years drawing almost every day in a workshop of inventors. I drew water engines, magnetic trains, tools and an endless number of things. At first I drew by hand on a drafting table.
  22. Over time I draw more and more things around Svenska Bostäders building (one of the largest housing companies in Sweden and owned by the city of Stockholm) seen in the center of the image.
  23. One of these drawings I made to represent an algorithm of how the trade could work without cash. The difference with bitcoin is that, in this example, the transactions go through a controlling institution. The other drawing is just a diagram of a sound creator that I built in high school in 1982.
  24. In these drawings the theme was "Weapons" and it was the first thing I drew in Sweden for a non-profit magazine in Spanish.
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    Woman YSL

    Woman YSL, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

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