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  2. A small exhibition, oil paintings with experimental technique.

    © Julio Moraga

  3. Hoy decidí escribir un par de artículos antes de terminar el año. Quedan unas cuantas horas y aun estoy en la tercera historia, no he comenzado con la cena y mi perro debe estar pensando que es hora de ir a dar una vuelta. Lo más sensato será referirme al Ipad pro 12.9 que mi hijo me presto para que probara dibujar con ella. Lo positivo es que al ser portátil se puede usar en cualquier lugar donde uno se sienta inspirado para esbozar algo. Ya no es necesario estar sentado frente al computador y eso es muy importante a la hora de crear ya que como sabes, las ideas llegan cuando llegan por lo que la portabilidad es un gran punto a favor. Lo negativo es que se siente un poco incómodo tenerlo sujeto ya que la textura metálica es escurridiza. Lo ideal es poderlo asir sin necesidad de presionarlo tanto especialmente por el lado de la pantalla. Se siente como que hay que tener demasiado cuidado a la hora de cambiar el ángulo así como uno suele hacer con un cuaderno de dibujo. Sería muy práctico utilizar una carcasa de silicona de un par de milímetros de grosor para sostenerlo mejor a la vez que serviría de protección. También allanaría la superficie donde se encuentra la cámara ya que sobresale notablemente. En cuanto a la aplicación para dibujar, esta es bastante intuitiva. Hay muchas posibilidades de configuracón que facilitan trabajar en cualquier proyecto. A medida que probaba el lápiz, que viene incluido, comencé a pensar en todo lo que llegué a dibujar alguna vez cuando joven. Estuve tratando de encontrar los ajustes para simular los lápices que solía ocupar y el resultado es bastante convincente. El mejor de todos. Valdrá la pena invertir un poco de tiempo y retomar viejas ideas que creo aún no se han visto.
  4. Ordering old documents I found a series of drawings of when I was young. I remember that I drew a lot although I did not always have a reason.
  5. In these sketches I was thinking of propulsion and also in an accident. The survivors had then to begin the exploration(below in the image)
  6. In the decade of the 90's I spent several years drawing almost every day in a workshop of inventors. I drew water engines, magnetic trains, tools and an endless number of things. At first I drew by hand on a drafting table.
  7. Over time I draw more and more things around Svenska Bostäders building (one of the largest housing companies in Sweden and owned by the city of Stockholm) seen in the center of the image.
  8. One of these drawings I made to represent an algorithm of how the trade could work without cash. The difference with bitcoin is that, in this example, the transactions go through a controlling institution. The other drawing is just a diagram of a sound creator that I built in high school in 1982.
  9. In these drawings the theme was "Weapons" and it was the first thing I drew in Sweden for a non-profit magazine in Spanish.
  10. (웃)

    Woman YSL

    Woman YSL, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

  11. Stockholm New Year 2000, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

  12. (웃)


    Apple, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

  13. (웃)


    King, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

  14. (웃)


    Fruits, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

  15. (웃)

    Desert Zoom

    Desert Zoom, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

  16. (웃)

    Desert Train

    Desert Train, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

  17. (웃)


    Desert, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

  18. Castle in Viña del Mar, Oil Painting by Moraga

    © Julio Moraga

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  20. This is an example of JavaScript programming on canvas. Drag and drop, whether you are using a computer mouse or any of the most common pressure-sensitive mobile phones on the market today. At the end, when you have all the pieces in the right place, the image of the model appears. Click or tap to open the game.
  21. The construction of the 3d printed M-cube, 2015 (short video)
  22. CAD and 3D-Max, 2008 (short video)
  23. This is one more complex example of programming and needs a context. Originally I wrote the game (2012) to be hosted on a low latency server and using the drawings I had made in CAD. It could be played by a team of users on computers and with different tasks inside the tank. I thought it would be a good idea to adapt it to all terrain, that is to be played by a single person, directly in the browser and on any device on the market today. The graphical user interface could be nicer but it's just a demonstration to show how the Raptor can be controlled with the keyboard and/or the mouse or with any pressure sensitive screen. In the game, the idea is to seize the gasoline and ammunition of the enemy by passing over their containers so you should avoid firing and destroying them. The game teaches to better understand the strategy to follow in certain situations and important things that must be considered in such a scenario. For example, the rotation of the gun tower and the best steering angle of the vehicle in which the attack should be carried out. If you want you can try to drive it. Forwards, backwards, accelerating, braking, turning, rotating the tower and even colliding. The enemy defenses will be watching you and will not shoot you until you shoot first. Do not worry if the tank leaves the combat zone, it will automatically returns. Good luck!
  24. (웃)

    The last fox

    The las fox visiting before the end.
  25. And here it is. The cube with the fewest components ever created. I have designed an alternative Rubik's cube (2x2x2). It has only 8 pieces covering a spherical magnet. I think it should feel nice on the fingertips, working fast and smooth. You can see the construction video on my youtube channel. The magnetic iron filament for 3d printing can be found at 3dfilaprint.com and the neodymium magnet can be found at supermagnete.com. Size: 18x18x18mm. Weight: 56,8g. Magnet: spherical N42 Ø: 12,7mm. Material: NdFeB Coating: Chrome-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni-Cr) Strength: approx. 2,9kg Max working temperature: 80°C Weight: 8,2g.
  26. (웃)

    Beverage Can (2004)

    The idea was to create a more attractive beverage can without using more aluminum than usual in the manufacturing. The new design prolongs the ideal temperature of the content keeping it`s flavor longer. The prototype is from 2004. (웃) La idea de diseño fue crear una lata de bebidas más llamativa sin ocupar mayor cantidad de aluminio que el empleado habitualmente. El nuevo diseño permite prolongar la temperatura ideal del contenido manteneniendo el sabor por más tiempo. El prototipo es del 2004.
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